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Two Cats, Near and Dear

Welcome to my adventures in cat portraiture. I have two new cats to share. These kitties are close to my heart, but for very different reasons. Let me introduce Oliver and Caspar. I haven’t met either of these cats in person, but have seen so many photos on the internet, be it on a fan-base level or from a friend I just don’t live that close to anymore. Oliver, hence forward known as Oliver the Sniffy Norwegian Orange Tabby, belongs to Lexidh Solstad of G+ (and much earlier, DeviantArt) fame. Lexidh is an animal lover and floods the net with wonderful pictures of her cats and dogs. She is a fantastic photographer in her own right, and was thankfully agreeable to letting me use her picture of Oliver as a model. How could anyone pass up such a pose? He’s one curious cat.

Oliver - the Sniffy Norwegian Tabby - Pet Portrait by Melasdesign
Oliver – the Sniffy Norwegian Tabby

If it’s a pose you cannot pass up, check out my RedBubble shop for items sporting this pic. You can find a whole collection of pet portraits here. I had a wonderful time drawing this picture, mainly because of the quality of light. This is something Lexidh nails every time! It makes me want to visit Norway and see if everything is really as vivid and bright.

Caspar with the Lion Cut, on his Doggie Blanket
Caspar with the Lion Cut, on his Doggie Blanket

The next cat is Caspar, known here as Caspar with the Lion Cut, on his Doggie Blanket. I’ve never met Caspar, but his “mom” is a dear friend, Sharon Ganzhorn, who excels at helping out animals in need. One time when we were together, she found a stray mama cat on the side of the road and took her in without a second thought. She is also active in feral trap, spay/neuter and release in her area. Lastly, she started an animal charity called SCAT, Inc. that has regular auctions on Facebook, along with other successful fundraising efforts through out the year. The proceeds go directly to animal rescues and shelters of her choosing, with everything from cats to elephants benefitting.  o goes to SCAT, Inc. It’s great to have a trusted charity, where I know for certain that the funds are actually going where they are reported to go. Please check out SCAT’s Facebook page and join in the fun! Now as far as Caspar goes, I do know this: He’s spoiled rotten! Never seen a cat with a lion cut? It keeps his belly cool in the sweltering Virginia Summer.

A Year of Cats Calendar by Melasdesign
A Year of Cats Calendar – Adjustable Start Date

Find Caspar on RedBubble products including a calendar of my cat drawings that you can order to start in any month of the year, so it’s always up-to-date. Just in time for back-to-school, and gifts the year ’round!

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