Very Special Cats / Melasdesign Pet Portraits

Welcome to my adventures in cat portraiture, including art for sale. I have two new pet portraits of very special cats to share. These kitties are close to my heart, but for very different reasons. Let me introduce Oliver and Caspar. I haven’t met either of these cats in person, but have seen so many photos on the internet, be it on a fan-base level or from a friend I just don’t live that close to anymore. Oliver, hence forward known as Oliver the Sniffy Norwegian Orange Tabby, belongs to Lexidh Solstad of G+ (and much earlier, DeviantArt) fame. Lexidh is an animal lover and floods the net with wonderful pictures of her cats and dogs. She is a fantastic photographer in her own right, and was thankfully agreeable to letting me use her picture of Oliver as a model. How could anyone pass up such a pose? He’s one curious cat.

Two Cats, Near and Dear, Melasdesign Pet Portraits - Oliver
Oliver, the Sniffy Norwegian Tabby

If it’s a pose you cannot pass up, check out my RedBubble shop for items sporting this pic. You can find a whole collection of pet portraits there I had a wonderful time drawing this picture, mainly because of the quality of light. This is something Lexidh nails every time! It makes me want to visit Norway and see if everything is really as vivid and bright.

Caspar with the Lion Cut, on his Doggie Blanket
Caspar with the Lion Cut, on his Doggie Blanket

The next cat is Caspar, known here as Caspar with the Lion Cut, on his Doggie Blanket. I’ve never met Caspar, but his “mom” is a dear friend, Sharon Ganzhorn, who excels at helping out animals in need. One time when we were together, she found a stray mama cat on the side of the road and took her in without a second thought. She is also active in feral trap, spay/neuter and release in her area. Lastly, she started an animal charity called SCAT, Inc. that has regular auctions on Facebook, along with other successful fundraising efforts through out the year. The proceeds go directly to animal rescues and shelters of her choosing, with everything from cats to elephants benefitting.  o goes to SCAT, Inc. It’s great to have a trusted charity, where I know for certain that the funds are actually going where they are reported to go. Please check out SCAT’s Facebook page and join in the fun! Now as far as Caspar goes, I do know this: He’s spoiled rotten! Never seen a cat with a lion cut? It keeps his belly cool in the sweltering Virginia Summer.

Melasdesign pet portrait artist, pet portraits collection
Year of Cat Calendar – Adjustable Start 12 Month Calendar

Find Caspar on RedBubble products including a calendar of my cat drawings that you can order to start in any month of the year, so it’s always up-to-date. Gifts the year ’round!

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Thinking Pink – Art, Mason Jar Vases, Fashion

This year served up a big challenge for me. I had to make peace with pink. Time to get rosy, blushed, and even a little hot. Mela’s thinking pink.

Thinking Pink blog Melasdesign Artist Susan Phillips Hicks Eclectic Art for Sale Online

Ahhhhh, pink. A pleasant surprise from nature. A staple color in 1980’s preppie style. A color identified traditionally with the feminine, but which, thankfully, has been less and less pigeonholed with time. The color of love. A godsend to folks like me with really pale complexions. A great accent color in its hotter versions. A positive color.

Pink Addict - Abstract Art in Pink by Melasdesign artist Susan Phillips Hicks - featured on Melasdesign blog post Thinking Pink - Art, Mason Jar Vases, Fashion

 Pink Addict

(a positive addiction)


As much as pink has going for it, it’s not been one found overly often in my repertoire. It’s definitely a personal thing. Maybe 80’s prep is to blame (It was combined with pastel green, of course – No sweaters around the shoulders for this anti-gal!). Maybe it was having a pink little girl’s room a tad too long (and sheeeez, what a mind-bogglingly unsettling hue!). Maybe it was an irrational fear that it would make me look soft and delicate (which is not a fault, of course, but not the image an on-and-off-again goth-waver desires to instill – modern pastel goths are lucky in that aspect – would’ve suited me better!). And maybe, but really truly, one too many comparisons to Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink” (which I now see were probably not meant thaaaaat badly). Who knows. I avoided the color.

Then at some point I really started liking hot pink. Pastel was still a huge stretch, but I discovered the fun of the shocking hot color, often times even more potent than red. I was seeing interiors with key hot pink accents. Flamingos are always beautiful (*a* hot pink of hot pinks). Siouxsie Sioux had rocked some great hot pink lipstick at times. Nina Hagen visuals through the years also made a “hey, pink can be different” impression…..   And so it began. Maybe they would even get the spirit behind the abstract art above.

I went with it, and made pink-based artwork by and by. I’ve assembled it into two collections in my art merch shops on Society6 and RedBubble (for art prints, home decor, t-shirts and fashion, bags, tech and student gear). These are highlighted below. Grouped in time for (shhhhhh!) Valentine’s Day.

Melasdesign Collections
for Folks Who Love Pink

(or need a Valentine’s Day gift!!)

All About Love Collection - Featured on Melasdesign blog post Thinking Pink - Art, Mason Jar Vases, Fashion

Adventures in Felt with Melasdesign

Then the unthinkable happened….. Word got out that I’m felting again, and I got a big order for vases in prep for Valentine’s Day….. in pink. The challenge was on. No more occasional ventures into the direction of pink. I had to face it head on!

Handmade OOAK felted covers for Mason Jar Vases - home decor, gift ideas, Valentine's Day, by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign with flowers from THOMASYARD

So I got my nerve up and collected together all that pink roving I had stashed, thinking in terms of accents. Time to get busy!

Wool Roving in Pink - Materials for Melasdesign - some from Delly's Delight

The order was to cover collectible mason jars, from jelly jar and beverage size to very big in their scheme of things. I had such fun seeing the jars, their stamps, and thinking about what might’ve been in them, and days where they were standard on store shelves. There was quite a collection of names and stamped designs: Ball, Kerr, Atlas, and my favorite (of course!) Magic.

Valentines Day Mason Jar Vase Hand Felted Cover Melasdesign

I felted…. and felted…. and felted, until I had all this,
my first Valentine’s Day vase collection:

Valentines Day Collection - Melasdesign - OOAK Mason Jar Vases with Hand Felted Covers

A big thanks to the folks at Florist and Artisan Gift Shop Thomas Yard for peddling my wares! Be sure to get in touch if you’re interested in getting one of these for yourself. CLICK THIS for a handy way to get in touch with me regarding any of the vases. I’ve included close-up shots of my favorites out of the collection below. Read on to the end.

But for now, some “lovely” art and art merch.

Only Love

S6 / RB

All that pink is making me think of love, and thinking of love makes me think of real life. I’ve never been one for romantic comedies, soaps, or love stories (except for the Princess Bride, and Wings Over Berlin! – Everyone has a weak spot!). Love can be an overwhelming emotion, something trying to fight through in an unhappy world. This is a throwback painting I did the background of which I made right before I met my husband. I learned of true love, but the world (at least from what the news and media shows) remained pretty icky and loveless on so many levels. I reached for things to build me up; my husband, my dog, my friends, music, art…. and one song was in heavy rotation, “Only Love” after which I finished this painting, including the song title.

Only Love - Abstract Graffiti Painting from Melasdesign

The Hearts Mantra

Then I made something directly Valentine’s Day inspired. I wanted something fluffy, something soft and floaty. My other thinking pink designs of the season were fairly direct and abstract artsy. It was time to go ahead and use the heart motif. It’s pretty challenging, because it’s been made into such a stereotype. I thought of paper valentines I made growing up. I *loved* stacking and layering the hearts. I also was often provided with a doily to use as background. Going from this idea, I came up with a hearty, but not *so* traditional rendering. I even used my wool from above to help in a way that’s my secret! 😉

The Hearts Mandala by Melasdesign - psychedelic mandala art with hearts.
The Hearts Mantra - Fashion in Pink by Melasdesign on RedBubble

Ultimate Pink Pattern

And finally, the last thinking pink design for now, harder edged,
more abstract, but in a pattern.

Ultimate Pink Pattern - Framed artwork by Melasdesign - Thinking Pink Blog - Artist Susan Phillips Hicks
Ultimate Pink Pattern – RedBubble, from Art Prints to Fashion
Ultimate Pink Pattern - Fashion in Pink by Melasdesign - Thinking Pink Blog - Artist Susan Phillips Hicks


Ultimate Pink Pattern – Society6 from Home Decor to Prints


Ultimate Pink Pattern Curtains on Society6 from Melasdesign featured on blog post Thinking Pink
Ultimate Pink Pattern Mug on Society6 from Melasdesign featured on blog post Thinking Pink

Pink Addict (cont’d) – More Thinking Pink

(Meant only in the best way!
– I know some who just can’t live without it.)


Pink Addict - Fashion in Pink by Melasdesign on RedBubble - Blog Thinking Pink

That’s it for merch from my shops on RedBubble and Society6. Now, as promised, close-ups of my favorite vases from the Valentine’s Day collection. There were just too many to show, I was so busy thinking pink!

My Faves from the Valentine’s Day Vase Collection

Wet Felting Mason Jar Vases by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign

 The Swirls of Pink Vase
The All About Love Vase
and The So, So Fine Vase

Wet Felting Mason Jar Vases by Susan Phillips Hicks of Melasdesign


The Two Hearts Vase
The Artsy Ripples Vase

I am tickled pink to have introduced my foray into the world of rosa, rosado, rose, roze. I’ve come to think it’s okay in any language! Be sure to share with your peeps of pink.

Until next time, thanks for coming along on my journey of thinking pink. Check the category column to subscribe, or follow social media for up-to-the-minute updates. Be kind to one another and keep appreciating art. Best!